Jeffrey L. Grogan, Owner

Jeff Grogan has over 40 years of experience as an Architect. Working in Chicago and Philadelphia, Jeff has become a nationally recognized designer of veterinary hospitals, most recently winning 3 awards for his designs. He is a graduate of Wyoming Seminary and Illinois Institute of Technology. Jeff started the practice in 1995 concentrating on bank design and progressed into the field of Veterinary Hospital design in 2000. In addition to Veterinary facilities, Jeff has been practicing architecture, interior design and construction management on bank design, restaurants, residential design, building renovations, shopping center and office tenant fit-out. He is registered in 5 states – Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey and New York. His mission is to respect, interpret and realize the goals of our clients, to listen well and produce high quality architecture with unique character.


Where we shine…

Over the years, we have designed a variety of buildings. We enjoy it all, but it seems like our niche really is designing veterinary facilities and facilities that cater to animals. We appreciate the flow and format that needs to occur, but also sometimes customized for certain doctors or existing buildings.We love coming up with solutions for sound control, the circulation of clients and employees, controlling air quality, maximizing natural lighting, providing a bright and clean environment, and most importantly combating dogs peeing on the reception desk. We not only understand the needs of the humans that occupy the buildings, but most importantly the animals that trot through everyday. I have four cats at home, and one office cat, Ollie, that handles all the finances – so I am aware of the importance of making sure they are treated well and happy. Our team consists of me, Jeff Grogan, and two talented young ladies, Laura Gianinni and Dana Cabey, that are tremendously motivated to design your perfect space.

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